Day at a Glance & Special Activities

Outside Fun & Gross Motor Activities

Supports physical development & encourages exercise with direct access to; a playground, a soccer field, a ‘cement pad’ (for bike/trike riding and active games), as well as a groomed hiking trail in the forest. Various pieces of equipment are incorporated to support gross motor games (such as parachute & ‘obstacle’ course pieces.)

Snack Time

Promotes healthy eating, manners, appropriate social skills and, because your child learns to take care of his or her own snack box, fosters independence.

Calendar Time

Opportunities to learn the days of the week, numbers, Birthday months and listen to stories.

Social Choice Time

Develops independence, decision making skills, social and emotional growth, and appropriate play skills that teach a child how to be a good friend.

Arts/Creative Projects

Foster individual creativity while following a plan and instructions.

Tidy Up Time

Encourages a sense of responsibility and team work while helping peers.

Show and Tell

Offers the opportunity to develop self-esteem, confidence and comfort with “public speaking” within a supportive group setting.

Science Program

Traditionally starts in the second half of the school year, the class participates all together in the wonder of science. The experiments range from ‘ice bird feeders’, ‘volcanoes’, ‘planting’, ‘ocean in a jar’ and much more.