About us

About Our Program

Our program helps inspire the creative minds of children through crafts, stories, games & songs, fine motor & cognitive learning and socialization. There are also science experiments & gross motor activities, along with an outdoor program. The goal is to provide a safe, fun and enriching atmosphere where children, aged 3 to 5 years old, are prepared for the transition to full time school.

Parent Involvement

As a cooperative preschool, Peggy Brewin offers parents the chance to play an extremely rewarding and active role in their children’s education. At the same time, because we are a co-op, the range of a parent’s involvement can be flexible depending on work schedules and family commitments.  Our community strives to make co-op participation fun and enriching and frequently through the experience lifelong friendships are formed.  Parents take turns helping out in the classroom and are able to participate in their child’s first school experience. All the parents are encouraged to get involved with the running of the school, to express ideas they might have for its improvement, and to share any special talents they might like to contribute.


Executive Committee

If a parent has the time and drive to commit to greater involvement in the school, they might find a fulfilling role on our Parent Executive Committee. The executive changes every year and as a result the roles of President, Treasurer and Fundraiser Lead become available. Parents can volunteer for an executive role and enjoy the opportunity to participate more fully in the cooperative environment and the running of the school.  Our school is well and truly run by its parents!


History of Peggy Brewin 

In 1970 Peggy Brewin, Mary Wilson, and Sue Rayner organized a study group to discuss various aspects of family life, including the needs of the preschool child. Participating stay-at-home parents brought their children to Peggy’s home where she looked after them. After the study group ended, those involved realized that the community would benefit greatly from a children’s playgroup. In 1971, the “Wakefield Cooperative Playschool” began. In 1973 it was renamed the Peggy Brewin Cooperative Preschool in recognition of the support and encouragement given by Peggy Brewin. It eventually moved into the Farm Point Community Centre, and most recently to the Centre Wakefield La Pêche,  where it has continued to grow alongside our community to become the wonderful preschool that it is today.

Our Teacher 

Deb  Mantil is our teacher extraordinaire at the Peggy Brewin Cooperative Preschool.  She is a graduate of Early Childhood Education (1979) and of Early Childhood Resource Teaching for Special Needs Children (1989). She has over 35 years experience: as a trainer of Early Childhood Education college students; team teaching as a Teaching/Director with her staff; as an educator with extensive experience teaching special needs children; and as a popular tutor to elementary school-aged children. She has been Peggy Brewin Preschool’s teacher since 1999 and, as such, her caring, creative, and positive approach to teaching continues to be the cornerstone of our school.

Is your child old enough to join?...

In order to register, your child must be 3 years old by December 31st, and be toilet trained. If not, you can save your spot for next year.