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My daughter had the most amazing time at Peggy Brewin. The teacher, Deb, truly cares about children and is an amazing educator. It is a real gem to have Peggy Brewin in Wakefield, and I will definitely be sending my youngest there in a few years. Thank you Deb!!!


(Parent from 2015-2016)

My four year old loves Peggy Brewin. Being an only child, it gives him the chance to socialize with other children and learn independence he wouldn’t normally be exposed to before starting kindergarten. I highly recommend this program. The teacher is excellent. She’s 110% dedicated on making the children’s experience as wonderful as you could ever hope for.


(Parent from 2014-2016)

5 STARS! All the way. Exceptional quality, enriched programming, well-rounded. Super patient and kind teacher with that special, magic “something” that all kids seem to gravitate towards and automatically listen. “Teacher” Deb is a gem. Peggy Brewin is a godsend. My four year old and I couldn’t be happier. We are extremely fortunate to be a part of the Peggy Brewin 45 year old family. Here’s to 45 more years, where I will see my grandchildren enjoy the benefits of this amazing journey too. Thank you PB! Cheers!


(Parent from 2016-2018)



(Parent from 2015-2018)

Peggy Brewin is the ideal first school experience for children and parents. Teacher Deb truly loves what she does, and is able to connect with each child in a loving way – soothing anxiety, discovering and attending to their personal interests, and encouraging development at their individual levels.  Both of my children thoroughly enjoyed Peggy Brewin, and blossomed in the caring environment Teacher Deb creates. At Peggy Brewin, children are presented with the opportunity for free play and a variety of more structured activities both indoors and outdoors, fostering exploration, confidence, and happiness.  As a parent, it is heart-warming and reassuring to be able to participate in your child’s first school program. You have a more thorough understanding of their school life, since you are able to spend the day with your child at their school on Parent Helper Days, and become well acquainted with their teacher & classmates.


(Parent 2013-2014 & 2017-2019)

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